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She wasn’t given any details, but she was still told to keep it top-secret.A man from the church contacted her and told her she would be awarded the “Medal of Valor”, a prestigious award given to devout Scientologists.He deals with the fact that he’s got evil inside him by treating it in a highly practical and energized fashion — as a problem to be solved.He’s Tom Cruise, dammit, and he’s not just going to stand by! He’s going to fight it, debate it, stare it down, put it in its place, kick its ass, out-think it and out-run it, out-punch it and out-underwater-swim it.With her trademark brunette tresses flowing down in classic '70s supermodel style, Holmes gives the camera a bold stare and knowing smile."I'm always comfortable in jeans," Suri's mom tells the mag.The actress not only escaped their Hollywood marriage, but also Scientology, which keeps a tight grip on its followers.Holmes was able to escape and live her life away from Scientology.

That could all change due to some shocking new claims by Tom’s ex-girlfriend Nazanin Boniadi, 36, who secretly dated Tom a few years ago.

However, she couldn’t help but reminisce about her kiss with Tom. “I will tell you that the kiss from Tom Cruise was a surprise.” “He had amazing breath,” she added. It was just perfect.” Watch below to hear what else she had to say!

star, 35, wears nothing but a pair of high-waisted jeans and a tan belt looped around her waist.

Cruise, who is cast as Nick Morton, a freelance raider of artifacts he sells on the black market, isn’t just fighting evil — his character gets inhabited by evil.

He is taken over by the spirit of Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella), an ancient Egyptian princess who murdered her father, the Pharaoh, and his infant son, all so that she could lay claim to the throne. (Yes, she’s pissed off.) The way her spirit merges with Nick’s remains a little vague, since it’s not as if Cruise turns into a frothing bad guy.

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According to Radar Online, Nazanin describes Tom as unpredictable, and prone to temper tantrums and violent tendencies.