Verizon dating website

Posted by / 11-Feb-2018 20:34

There's a variety of free and paid options available to meet your specific needs and interests.

Services, apps and account features help you monitor your account usage, manage daily tasks, stay in touch with your family and friends, and more.

In the past, the company has organized themed dates such as bike rides and wine tasting sessions, and says that finding common ground via a video game is hardly a stretch.

There's no cost to sign up and users' first PokéDate is free (with promo code "POKEDATES2016").

The key selling point of Fixup (which launched in 2012) is that its human employees match applicants by hand, rather than relying on computer algorithms.

The same process will happen for PokéDates, says the company, with Fixup assuring users that its specialists will pair people with similar interests — regardless of whether they're Team Instinct, Valor, or Mystic.

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However, all meetings after that will cost $20, which is pretty steep.