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She viciously pulled my hair as she bent my head for a kiss.

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I never knew what she had in mind but, she stripped in front of me. 'Well, Dad, it wouldn't really be a blow job unless you came in my mouth, and it isn't like it would be my first time. (cuckold, M-dom/F-dom, spanking, bi, rom.) The new boy in town is straight, hot, and all the ladies love him. The local gay boy starts rumors that he and this new straight hunk have hooked up. This is an email from me to my friend Lola, telling her the hot and funny story of how my boyfriend Pete disciplined my lecherous husband Aaron for spanking our college-girl houseguest.

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An overweight aunt and her 11-year-old niece had to be rescued by firemen when they got stuck in playground swings - designed for babies.

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