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In “True Colors”, when Middleton’s enchanting “Good Witch” Cassie (Catherine Bell) receives devastating news about the future of the Bell, Book and Candle, the whole town will come together to prove a little bit of magic goes a long way. “True Colors” airs Saturday, April 18th @ 8PM ET/PT on Hallmark Channel.

Casey/Derek is a non-canon pairing of Casey Mc Donald and Derek Venturi from the television show, Life With Derek and the TV-made film (which is a sequel to the series), Vacation With Derek.

The 'we fight like an old married couple, look how our glares are filled with desire' couple.

Much of the storyline centers around everyone readjusting to their new family dynamic.

Divorced from a successful corporate lawyer for five years and raising two daughters, Nora Mc Donald (Joy Tanner) is a partner in a window coverings firm.

Young celebs are making their voices heard after a series of violent marches erupted today in Charlottesville, Virginia, as white nationalists clash with counter-protestors.

Additionally, at least one person has died after a car plowed down a group of pedestrians participating in a counter-protest at a white supremacist rally.

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The conversations Derek and Casey have are always full of UST. Other pairing include Masey, Trasey, Nasey(which is probably the second best along with Lizwin), Dally and Dendra but everyone knows that Dasey is the best.

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